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Dallas Trial Lawyer

Michael F. Pezzulli is an Accomplished, Board-Certified Dallas Trial Lawyer Known for Winning Record-Setting Verdicts in Courtrooms Across Texas

Founded in 1980, his law practice is devoted to high-stakes litigation including family law, product liability law, complex business and commercial lawsuits, personal injury lawsuits, and defending the rights of victims of abuse.

As a seasoned first-chair trial lawyer with an outstanding reputation, it is not uncommon for other lawyers to call Michael Pezzulli to step in to try a particularly contentious case. Attorneys who find themselves as defendants in a lawsuit also call on Pezzulli to protect them. The dynamics of a case have even been known to shift when the opposition learns they will face Michael Pezzulli.

Michael Pezzulli is also a qualified mediator in the state of Texas. He will leverage decades of experience successfully negotiating hundreds of disputes to maximize your position, if settlement is your best option.

Board Certified in Civil Trial Law for 33 Years

When you hire an attorney who is board certified, you can be confident your attorney is exceptionally qualified to serve you at the highest level. Fewer than 1% of Texas attorneys have met the stringent requirements for board certification in Civil Trial Law, which include character screening, intense coursework, passing a rigorous exam, and re-certifying every 5 years. Michael Pezzulli has not only been Board Certified in Civil Trial Law since 1986, he has also served as an Examiner for the Texas Board of Legal Specialization Examiner, writing curriculum and proctoring exams.

Practice Areas

Pezzulli is a powerful advocate for clients with any kind of civil lawsuit. He will meet with you by phone or at his office to hear the details of your case and offer a realistic assessment of your options. To schedule your consultation, call our office or complete the form below.

Divorce & Family Law

Michael Pezzulli is a compassionate but tough advocate for your family in and out of the courtroom. If you’re considering filing for divorce or appealing a family law matter, and have questions about how child custody, child support, and division of property might be handled in a Texas divorce, he will meet with you in a confidential consultation at no charge. Many families choose the collaborative divorce option, where the terms are negotiated in a neutral setting with an attorney advocating for each party. Collaborative divorce can resolve many cases efficiently, with emotions and costs kept to a minimum. However, when litigation is the best option, you can rest assured that Pezzulli’s success in cases involving high-income divorce, asset division, child abuse, infidelity and family violence makes him a smart choice to defend you.


Legal mediation, an “alternative dispute resolution” method, is a process allowing two parties with any type of civil dispute to come to a legal agreement outside of a courtroom. Instead of a costly, drawn-out courtroom battle, the two parties can come to an agreement within a matter of hours. Mediation has been shown to have an overall settlement rate of 83%,1 much higher than the national courtroom settlement rate of 60%.2

  1. Numbers from the Dallas Mediation Project. Statistics on Mediation in the 101st District Court as of June 12, 1992 as condensed in Court Annexed Mediation (1993, State Bar of Texas MCLE). Total number of cases mediated 981, total settled 818 (83%), settlement rate through private mediators, 85%.
  2. Let’s Stop Spreading Rumors About Settlement and Litigation: A Comparative Study of Settlement and Litigation in Hawaii Courts. Click here to read more.
Civil Litigation and Appeals

The Law Office of Michael F. Pezzulli is a boutique civil law firm assisting individuals, business owners, corporations, and institutions in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and across Texas with a broad range of civil lawsuits and appeals. Dallas trial lawyer Michael Pezzulli has been honored many times over for his litigation expertise. If you need representation or advice about matters relating to accidents and injuries, negligence, divorce, creditor and debtor disputes, commercial, banking, real estate and mortgage disputes, professional malpractice, deceptive trade practices act, he will listen to your needs and offer a realistic assessment of your options. He is a powerful advocate in state and federal courts, with a gift for storytelling that paints a vivid picture of your case for jurors and judges.

Real Estate Litigation

Michael Pezzulli has assisted over a hundred clients with a diverse range of real estate lawsuits. He has represented banks in foreclosures on high-value commercial projects, and individuals foreclosing on their homes. He has tried disputes over real estate commissions, breaches of fiduciary duty, and breaches of contract on multi-million-dollar condominium projects, with highly favorable outcomes. Pezzulli has also litigated cases involving restrictions and constraints imposed by CCR’s (Conditions, Covenants and Restrictions); governmental restrictions upon land and improvements to land, including zoning restrictions to obtaining and keeping 1-d-1 agricultural exemptions; eminent domain; and governmental taking of private property. For more than a decade, Michael Pezzulli was the go-to speaker for the State Bar of Texas on the topic of Real Estate Foreclosure Litigation. His deep expertise in real estate law and case history gives him a competitive edge in any legal proceeding. You can find one of his papers on Real Estate and Uniform Commercial Code Litigation here.

Personal Injury

A workplace injury or catastrophic accident can change the course of your life in an instant. You may be facing years of recovery, lasting trauma, or permanent disability, and the attorney you choose can make or break your case. Michael Pezzulli has won extraordinary jury verdicts for clients who have endured traumatic motor vehicle accidents, life-threatening complications in a medical malpractice case, and a vicious domestic assault. Companies and private individuals with products liability, libel, and slander claims have trusted Pezzulli to successfully defend their cases.

Michael Pezzulli has prevailed as lead counsel in a number of catastrophic motor vehicle accidents involving 18-wheeler trucks. In one tragic highway accident case, Pezzulli caught a long-haul trucking company flagrantly destroying evidence to avoid responsibility for the death of an innocent victim, and won. Read about that case here.

He has tried product liability cases involving defective automobiles and trucks, such as the seatback failures in a popular pickup truck.

Michael Pezzulli is the Dallas trial lawyer with the credentials, experience, and results that Texans trust. The Law Office of Michael F. Pezzulli will offer a realistic options to help you choose your next step with confidence.

Meet Michael Pezzulli

Michael F. Pezzulli is an accomplished Dallas civil trial attorney in practice for over 44 years, Board Certified in Civil Trial Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization since 1986. Pezzulli has prevailed as the first- chair litigator in dozens of jury trials, obtaining multi-million-dollar verdicts in many cases, including the highest domestic violence jury verdict in U.S. history in 2016.

He founded a Dallas litigation firm, the Law Office of Michael F. Pezzulli, to advocate for businesses and individuals with lawsuits, appeals, and mediated settlements. Pezzulli is a gifted communicator, keynote speaker and media commentator. He is an avid legal scholar who has authored sections of legal practice manuals and board certification examinations. His exceptional recall of case law across all disciplines is a formidable advantage in court and when preparing alternative resolution strategies.

What Our Clients are Saying
"My case was complicated. My opponents were very high profile individuals with the ability to hire the best attorneys to defend their egregious actions. Michael Pezzulli did not back down, and my verdict was very favorable. He is a strategist with amazing skills. Most of the time he had them beaten before they ever entered the courtroom!" J. Williamson
"Michael Pezzulli is as good as it gets. You'll be hard pressed to find a litigator with not just the know-how but the experience in the courtroom to back it up. Ethically, you can be assured he is one who upholds the Texas Lawyer's Creed. And as a mediator who has mediated for Mr. Pezzulli, I know that he comes prepared, prepares the mediator, and most importantly, prepares his client." Barry Wernick
"My husband and I have known Michael Pezzulli for over 40 years. When representing us we have found him to be very thorough, decisive and, to our benefit, quite intimidating to the opposing attorney when necessary. He has an uncanny way of communicating to members of the jury and I highly recommend him to anyone who needs legal representation." Jan Richey
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