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Civil Trial Litigation

Seasoned Dallas Trial Lawyer Handling Business, Personal Injury, and Family Law Disputes

Michael F. Pezzulli, a board-certified* Dallas trial lawyer, has an outstanding track record of favorable results with complex commercial litigation, divorce, personal injury lawsuits, and a wide range of other civil lawsuits and appeals. His law firm serves individuals, businesses and institutions in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex from offices in Dallas and Collin County.

  • Complex Commercial Litigation and Contracts
  • Injunctive Relief
  • Joint Venture Contracts and Dissolution
  • Family Law, Divorce, Custody
  • Personal Injury
  • Catastrophic Accidents
  • Domestic Violence
  • Professional Liability
  • Real Estate Litigation
  • Appeals
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • In-Office Mediation
  • Temporary Orders
  • Modification of Court Orders
Choosing a Trial Lawyer to Represent You

When comparing Dallas civil trial lawyers’ qualifications, two factors to consider are the number of years in practice, and if the attorney has attained board certification in civil trial law, an accomplishment fewer than one percent of Texas lawyers have achieved. But in civil trial law, a critical indicator of a trial lawyer’s competence is their depth of experience as the lead attorney trying and winning cases in court. A surprising number of litigators in established law firms have only observed trials from second or third chair, and have no experience facing a jury or judge.

That real-world trial experience has a significant impact on a lawyer’s ability to serve their clients effectively. As the lead attorney for countless jury and bench trials over four decades, Pezzulli develops the strategic approach for each case armed with valuable insight into how a jury might respond to certain issues, or how courts tend to rule in other cases. In civil trial law, an attorney’s personality and communication style is another critical factor in the handling of a case. Momentum can shift quickly in and out of court, and a talented litigator must have finely tuned instincts with every party. Pezzulli is a personable, persuasive communicator whether negotiating with opposing counsel, deposing a witness, reading a jury’s reaction as a case unfolds, or presenting oral arguments to a judge.

Although many civil lawsuits are settled before trial, a great trial lawyer prepares every case as though it is headed to court. Many of Pezzulli’s successful cases can be credited to his encyclopedic knowledge of case law and procedural requirements, honed over many years. In the early stages of litigation – discovery, investigation, and analysis of records produced by opposing counsel – Pezzulli has frequently identified critical evidence or an advantageous point of law that wins a case before he even enters the courtroom.

In Civil Litigation, Preparation Counts

Few attorneys are as prepared for trials and appeals as Michael Pezzulli. He knows the record cold, and stands ready to answer any question a judge may ask, and is a persuasive advocate. When the strategy calls for clients to testify in court, Pezzulli is attentive and thorough in preparing them for every potential scenario. The record-breaking verdicts he has obtained in high-profile civil lawsuits are well known to attorneys on the opposing side, making Pezzulli a formidable negotiator and advocate for his clients.

Pezzulli has been board certified in Civil Trial Law for 33 years by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. For twelve years, he served the State Bar of Texas, Board of Legal Specialization, Civil Trial Examination as an examiner, writing examinations for other attorneys in Texas seeking to become Board Certified in Civil Trial Law. He has conducted hundreds of depositions, and is exceptionally savvy at questioning and selecting a strong jury. to give your case the fair shot it deserves.

A sampling of civil cases handled by the Law Firm of Michael F. Pezzulli are listed below.

Joint Venture Partnership Dissolution

Business owners often consult our firm to structure or dissolve business partnerships. A common legal dispute arises when partners with an equal stake decide to split, but as 50/50 owners, neither partner has the controlling interest to determine valuation or who will get what from the business. Pezzulli helps deadlocked partners reach a fair resolution outside of court through variations of a process known as a “Texas Shootout”. One partner determines a dollar amount that they would be willing to either accept as payment for their share of the business from the other partner, or that they would be willing to buy out the other partner’s share. That dollar amount is presented as an offer by one partner, and the other partner can elect to buy or sell at that price. This procedure assures that the price at which the asset is offered is a fair price since the person offering it must either buy or sell at that price.

Veteran Case Resolved in Military Court

A member of the U.S. military was charged with driving under the influence. Michael Pezzulli successfully negotiated the resolution of the case in Veterans Court. The Veterans Treatment Court model is designed to hold service members accountable to the law and to provide access to services that support compliance and rehabilitation. After his client met certain conditions, the charge was removed from his record, giving him a fresh start.

Recovery of Concealed Funds and Attorney Fees in Divorce Case

Pezzulli represented a woman in a complicated lawsuit involving divorce, bankruptcy, and concealed assets. Following a couple’s divorce, it came to light that the woman’s ex-husband had concealed a sizeable asset during proceedings. The ex-husband later sold the asset, declared bankruptcy, and refused to turn over the misappropriated funds, claiming the bankruptcy released his obligation to pay. Pezzulli sued and won the full value of the asset with interest for his client. In addition, the judge agreed the former husband’s bad conduct entitled Pezzulli’s client to recover attorneys fees.

Business Partners Exonerated and Plaintiffs Found Liable for Malicious Prosecution

Pezzulli represented a business partnership that was accused of burning down their own restaurant. Pezzulli presented compelling evidence to the jury that not only cleared the partners, but also led the jury to find their accusers liable for malicious prosecution based on their false accusation of arson. The jury awarded a seven-figure verdict to Pezzulli’s clients in compensation.

Bank Lender Cleared in Lender Liability Case

Pezzulli successfully defended a national bank accused of lender liability. After a four-week trial, the jury exonerated the bank, and all of the individuals related to the bank who had been named in the lawsuit, finding that none of the accused parties had done anything wrong.

Successful Defense in Securities Fraud Case

Pezzulli defended a securities firm that was accused of fraudulent securities activity across the U.S. After a week-long jury trial in a Columbia, South Carolina federal court, the jury found that the securities firm had done nothing wrong. The plaintiff who had accused Pezzulli’s client was awarded nothing by the jury.

Child Abuse in a National Day Care Center

Pezzulli represented a five-year-old boy who was the victim of child abuse at a national day care center. After a six-week trial, the jury awarded the five-year old boy an eight-figure award, finding that the day care center was both negligent and grossly negligent in its care of the victim.

* Michael Pezzulli has been Board Certified in Civil Trial Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization continuously since 1986. To read more about the stringent qualification process for board certification in Texas, go to Texas Board of Legal Specialization Website.

What Our Clients are Saying
"My case was complicated. My opponents were very high profile individuals with the ability to hire the best attorneys to defend their egregious actions. Michael Pezzulli did not back down, and my verdict was very favorable. He is a strategist with amazing skills. Most of the time he had them beaten before they ever entered the courtroom!" J. Williamson
"Michael Pezzulli is as good as it gets. You'll be hard pressed to find a litigator with not just the know-how but the experience in the courtroom to back it up. Ethically, you can be assured he is one who upholds the Texas Lawyer's Creed. And as a mediator who has mediated for Mr. Pezzulli, I know that he comes prepared, prepares the mediator, and most importantly, prepares his client." Barry Wernick
"My husband and I have known Michael Pezzulli for over 40 years. When representing us we have found him to be very thorough, decisive and, to our benefit, quite intimidating to the opposing attorney when necessary. He has an uncanny way of communicating to members of the jury and I highly recommend him to anyone who needs legal representation." Jan Richey
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