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Personal Injury

Michael Pezzulli is a recognized Dallas trial lawyer who fights zealously for plaintiffs and defendants in every kind of personal injury case. He is relentless in the pursuit of justice for parents whose children are traumatized by a trusted daycare provider, patients permanently disabled by a surgeon’s carelessness, families dealing with a tragic wrongful death, and many others.

Personal injury trial lawyers work to achieve a legal remedy in the civil court system for physical or mental harm, trauma, or other losses caused by someone else’s deliberate or careless actions. Both negligent and intentional “tort” claims (which are civil, rather than criminal claims) are handled by personal injury lawyers. Personal injury lawsuits can stem from a wide range of incidents: a workplace accident; child abuse; motor vehicle or aviation accidents; harm caused by a defective product; medical malpractice; defamation; and more.

Personal Injury Cases Handled by Our Firm
  • 18-wheeler truck accidents
  • Motor Vehicle Accidents
  • Motorcycle and bicycle accidents
  • Defamation
  • Car accidents due to distracted driving
  • ATV accidents
  • Pedestrian accidents
  • Domestic violence
  • Sexual harassment and sexual abuse
  • Daycare abuse and neglect
  • Construction accidents
  • Industrial machinery injuries
  • Negligent security
  • Premises liability
  • Medical malpractice
  • Product liability
Liability, Damages and Compensation in Personal Injury Cases

The potential to recover compensation in a personal injury case depends on the liability and damages that can be proven. Michael Pezzulli is known for meticulously preparing every case as though it will go to trial. If the case goes to court, a jury or judge will consider the nature and scope of your damages. If the other party is found liable, you may be awarded compensation. When settlement outside of court is to your advantage, Pezzulli is a savvy negotiator who works tenacious for the best possible outcome.

In four decades as a successful Dallas trial lawyer, Michael Pezzulli has won many multi-million dollar jury verdicts for personal injury clients. His accomplishments have led to many prestigious awards. In 2019, The Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum and the Million Dollar Advocates Forum honored Pezzulli with a lifetime membership.

Notable personal injury cases handled by the Law Firm of Michael F. Pezzulli are described below.

Domestic Violence Lawsuit: Maria Escamilla v. Jose Arreola

Pezzulli represented the victim of a brutal domestic assault in a case that garnered international headlines. His client made the courageous decision to file a civil lawsuit against the former boyfriend who almost took her life. After an emotional trial, the jury’s stunning award of over $40 million* made international headlines1, and set the U.S. record for the highest domestic jury verdict in 2016 according to Maria Escamilla waived her right to conceal her identity, and faced her accuser and the press with pride, inspiring victims of domestic abuse everywhere.

Catastrophic Highway Accident Lawsuit: Ashton v. Knight Transportation

Michael Pezzulli represented a young widow in a case involving a catastrophic hit-and-run highway accident with an eighteen-wheeler truck. Following a two-car collision, the woman’s husband survived and stepped out of their vehicle, only to be struck and killed by a speeding eighteen-wheeler truck. When Pezzulli conducted forensic investigation, he uncovered clear evidence that the trucking company destroyed evidence and falsified records in an attempt to avoid liability for the wrongful death. The judge severely sanctioned the trucking company for spoliation of evidence; found them liable for the wrongful death; and ruled to allow Pezzulli’s client to sue for additional punitive damages.

Medical Malpractice Lawsuit: Denny v. Chang

Michael Pezzulli prevailed in a Collin County medical malpractice lawsuit that left his client permanently disabled due to a surgeon’s negligence. In a craniotomy performed on Pezzulli’s client, the surgeon failed to remove cotton surgical material. Even though MRIs and X-rays taken immediately after the surgery showed a mass, no action was taken. In a surgery five years later, the cotton was removed along with brain tissue that tragically left the patient with permanent cognitive damage. The jury awarded Pezzulli’s client $1.8 million* in compensation.

Child Sexual Abuse Settlement: St. Pius Church, Dallas

Michael Pezzulli represented several children in one of the most distressing cases of sexual abuse of children in a religious institution. According to Pezzulli, church officials were negligent by ignoring compelling evidence that a teacher at the St. Pius child care center was molesting young children. Tragically, the diocese ignored warning signs for many years. Michael Pezzulli negotiated a settlement with the Dallas Catholic Diocese that amounted to a net recovery of $1.4 million* in damages for three of his clients, after attorneys’ fees and costs.

Schedule a Consultation to Discuss Your Case

If you are considering legal action in a personal injury case, time can be of the essence. In some cases, there may be a statute of limitations that requires you to file charges before a certain date.

Michael Pezzulli is a compassionate, dedicated advocate for his clients, many of whom keep in touch long after their case is settled to share news and milestones. Michael Pezzulli has been handling personal injury lawsuits from Fort Worth to Dallas, Waco to Sherman, and across Texas for decades.

* It is important to note that the dollar amounts stated for monetary awards in civil courts indicate the gross dollar amount, and may not reflect the net sum received by the client after court fees and attorney costs have been factored in. Monetary awards are subject to change for any number of reasons, including appeals that may be filed later. Past awards should never be considered a guarantee of results an attorney may obtain in future cases.

1. Dallas Morning News coverage of the Maria Escamilla v. Jose Arreola domestic violence case

2. VerdictSearch, an affiliate of the National Law Journal, publishes data from jury verdicts and settlements across the U.S.

What Our Clients are Saying
"My case was complicated. My opponents were very high profile individuals with the ability to hire the best attorneys to defend their egregious actions. Michael Pezzulli did not back down, and my verdict was very favorable. He is a strategist with amazing skills. Most of the time he had them beaten before they ever entered the courtroom!" J. Williamson
"Michael Pezzulli is as good as it gets. You'll be hard pressed to find a litigator with not just the know-how but the experience in the courtroom to back it up. Ethically, you can be assured he is one who upholds the Texas Lawyer's Creed. And as a mediator who has mediated for Mr. Pezzulli, I know that he comes prepared, prepares the mediator, and most importantly, prepares his client." Barry Wernick
"My husband and I have known Michael Pezzulli for over 40 years. When representing us we have found him to be very thorough, decisive and, to our benefit, quite intimidating to the opposing attorney when necessary. He has an uncanny way of communicating to members of the jury and I highly recommend him to anyone who needs legal representation." Jan Richey
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